1. How do I create an account?
To create an account, simply click “Start Here”. Enter the required information and click the “Save” button. When your information is saved, your rewards account will be created and you will be welcomed into the rewards site.

2. Do I need an email address for an account?
Yes, you must have an email address to create an account.

3. Does my account ever expire?
No, your account never expires.

4. What if I forget my password?
Simply click the “Sign In” button and enter your email address next to “Forgot Your Password?” Click “Request Password” and a new password will be emailed to you to use to sign in.

5. How do I earn points?
Please contact us to find out how you can earn points.

6. What is a certificate?
Every time you qualify, points will be issued in the form of a certificate. Certificates are mailed out periodically during the year, and you will add the points to your account with these certificates.

7. How do I enter a certificate into my account?
Sign in to your rewards account and click “Rewards” and “Certificate”. Enter your certificate number and click enter. Please note that certificates use only numbers 0 through 9 and letters a, b, c, d, e, f.

8. How do I view my point balance?
When you sign in to the system, your current point balance will be displayed at the top of the page.

9. Do points expire?
The expiration date on the points is noted on the certificate. Points will be invalid at 12AM on that date, and cannot be redeemed for a gift card. Their value will become 0.

10. What if I lose or misplace my certificate?
Unfortunately, we have no way of tracing your certificate number once it has been issued to you, so we cannot replace lost or stolen certificates. We do apologize for any inconvenience. We suggest that you enter your certificate number into your online Rewards account upon receipt. Once the points are deposited into your online Rewards account, you can feel free to discard your paper certificate.

11. How do I redeem points for a gift card?
You can redeem points by clicking on the “Rewards” button. Search for gift cards by category, number of points, or by keyword. Simply click on the gift card you wish to order and click “Order”. Verify the shipping information and click the submit button. Then, confirm your order. Most gift cards are shipped to arrive within 3 weeks.

12. Can I send my gift card to someone other than myself?
Yes, simply enter a different address in the shipping information and your gift card can be sent to someone else.

14. How do I contact customer service?
Click "Contact Us" below for the phone number to our Customer Service department.